Should your staffing company switch from paper to online timesheets?

Timesheets are a critical part of any business. It allows owners and supervisors to track time allocated to each individual project. The age old paper timesheets have been around for a long time. Why? It seems simple and it works. But is it the most efficient way of tracking time? Could online timesheets be more efficient? Should your staffing company switch from paper to online tracking?

online timesheet vs. paper timesheetCompanies are still commonly using paper timesheets today. This method is as easy as it is simple for the employee as they only need to write down a few numbers and turn it in.

There are a few problems with this however. First someone has to manually approve the timesheets and bring them in from the jobsite. Second the timesheets must be re-entered into software for billing. All of this has potential for human error.

Online timesheets can drastically lower this potential for error. Employees will directly enter their time into an online timesheet. There is no transferring of data to worry about. When the time is entered the HR department can instantly see any changes to the system and adjust accordingly. Also many staffing companies are working with several different clients. If you require approval of timesheets from these clients many of the top timesheet programs out there have this. The approval system should be able to send notifications for approval seemlessly behind the scenes. Then when the submitted time has been approved your HR contact should be automically notified. Make sure to ask about online approvals if you need this.

Another area online timesheet programs help is a centralized location for all time tracking, expense, and invoicing data. Having a single location to view time is essential for helping your HR department do payroll in an effecient manner. Many times staffing companies have employees at remote locations. By having a centralized location for time entry you can keep track of what your employees or contractors are working on.

When looking at different timesheet solutions, pay special attention to the reporting that is available. Determine if the reporting will work for your business. And if it doesn't, is the software provider flexible where they are willing to customize the system to fit your needs?

As you can see, online timesheets are far more efficient and accurate way of tracking employee's time. Take a look at Timogix which provides a secure timesheet solution for your business.

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Document storage added to Timogix

An enhancement requested by users was to allow the ability to save documents to the system. As of the February 2016 release this has been added. This enhancement allows a user with appropriate security privileges to upload documents in three areas.

If a user has user administrator privileges they can upload documents for a user. If a user has client administer privileges they can then upload documents to the client or project. The below image shows an example where two documents have been uploaded to a client.

If you have ideas on how to make the system better please see us at or send an email to

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Company header customization added to Timogix

We are always striving to make the Timogix system better by getting feedback from customers. Some of this feedback was related to customizing the look and feel of the application so it can resemble the company.

So as of the February 2016 release the business name can be adjusted. This allows an administrator to change the text to your company name located at the  top left of the website header. The image below shows how the company, URL, and text size of the logo can be changed.

This is the first of a few enhancements that will allow the administrator to customize the screen. The next customization enhancement scheduled for a summer 2016 release will allow an administrator to customize the look and feel of outgoing emails.

If you have ideas on how to make the system better please see us at or send an email to

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Scheduled notifications added to Timogix

Do you ever have users who habitually fail to submit their timesheet? This is a common problem for many businesses. To help out these users Timogix has added scheduled notifications that will send an email notification reminding the user to perform an action such as submitting their timesheet.

Two scheduled notifications have been added. Scheduled notifications are different from the existing notifications as these notifications are weekly and you as an administrator or the user can adjust what day and time they will be sent out.

The first scheduled notification is the submit your timesheet reminder. This will send an email to the user on a weekly basis reminding them to submit their timesheet for approval. The email will contain a link which will take them to their most current timesheet that needs submitted.

The second scheduled notification is the approve timesheet reminder. This will send an email to an approver on a weekly basis if they have timesheets to approve. If there are no timesheets then no email goes out.

If you have ideas on how to make the system better please see us at or send an email to

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