Dashboard Update

The February release had an update to the existing dashboards. The update gives the user and manager a clear view of what time has been entered by week or month by their team. The dashboards have been broken out into two tabs.

The first tab gives a user view of time for the month. By selecting a user or month you can change what data shows. On the left is a quick view of the users information including who can approve or who this user can approve. The top numbers give a quick view of what time has been submitted, pending approved, or approved.

The second tab has two child tabs.The first child tab is a weekly view of time for users who you have been given access too. You can drill down into each row to see where the time was allocated by client, project, and task.

The second child tab is a monthly view of hours across users and clients.

To determine who can see what data on the dashboard three new permissions were created. By selecting one of the permissions shown below, you determine what data should be shown to the user.

If you have ideas on how to make the system better please see us at www.timogix.com or send an email to support@timogix.com

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