Timogix now has expenses!

The ability to add expenses to a timesheet is now available. To turn expenses on navigate to Setup --> Settings --> General Defaults --> Check the "Allow expenses to be created" checkbox. 

Expenses follow the same approval process as timesheets. So when a timesheet is submitted or approved the expenses are submitted or approved as well. A new expense report has been added to view the expenses by date and client. Also the expenses will flow into any invoices you create.

Creating expenses are easy. Click the green circle next to the "Expenses" text and it will open a window to add or edit an expense. When in the expense window you can select the correct expense type (which you can adjust), cost and then optionally add receipts if needed. See the screenshot below of an expense that is being edited.

An expense report was added to see all expenses. You must be a have the user administration privilege to view this report. See below for a screenshot of the new expense report.

If you have ideas on how to make the system better please see us at www.timogix.com or send an email to support@timogix.com

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    11/12/2017 7:17:33 PM |

    livetecs also has expense measuring fearure

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