Release Schedule

Updates to Timogix are generally done every Saturday night between 9:00pm CST to 2:00am CST. Updates can include but are not limited to application enhancements, bug fixes, or server updates. We reserve the right to change the release schedule depending on circumstances. During this time Timogix ( or MyTimogix ( may not be accessible.

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Infrastructure changes
Maintenance and back end changes will keep the site down from Friday April 12th 11:00 pm CST to Saturday April 13th 3:00 am CST.
Report enhancements
General reports changes to enhance the look and feel.
Report enhancements
General reports changes to enhance the look and feel.
From invoice address enhancement
When creating an invoice you can select which client you want to pull the invoice from address which will get shown on the invoice.
Quick add task enhancement
Administrators, user managers, and user client managers now have the ability to create tasks from the add task timesheet popup window. This is a quick way to create a new task without having to go into the task setup screen. Administrators and user managers have the ability to create tasks under all clients. Client managers can create tasks only under client's they have been given access too. If you have this access, a link will show on the add task timesheet popup window. When clicking the link you will be able to enter information to create a new task.
Expense add/edit verbiage enhancement
You can now change the billable and reimbursable verbiage that gets displayed when a user adds or edits an expense item. To change the verbiage navigate to Setup -> Settings -> Application Settings (tab) -> Expense Setup (tab) -> Expense settings (tab)
Timesheet unsaved changes indicator
In addition to changing the color of the save button when there are unsaved timesheet changes, a yellow banner will now show above the timesheet save button indicating there are unsaved changes.
User Hour Totals
The sub reports of "Hour totals by project" and "Hour totals by task" have been combined into one sub report called "Hour totals". You can show similar functionality to the older reports by grouping the report. If you need the original report, contact support and it can be put back for you.
User cost vs billable cost report
The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
PTO Report
The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
Timesheet user printout
The report has been renamed to "Timesheet printout". The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
Timesheet status report
The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
Timesheet hours report
The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
Client report
The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
Client hour total reports
The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
User hours per day report enhancement
The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
User contact information
The report has been renamed to "Users". The report has been enhanced in an ongoing effort to enhance the look, feel, and export of the report.
Ability to hide the invoice menu item
If your company does not use inovicing you can now turn this menu item off. Goto Menu --> Settings --> Application Settings tab --> General Defaults tab. Under this tab uncheck the checkbox labeled "Show the invoice menu item". Then click save to hide the invoice menu item.
Archiving users instead of deleting users
A change was made to only allow archiving of a user instead of the current functionality of only being able to delete a user if they have never entered time or expenses.
Ability to set expense approvers by project
An expense approver tab is being added to the user setup screen which allows you to select which projects a user can approve expenses on. This separates the timesheet approvers from the expense approvers.
BETA - Ability to create task templates for users to select from
The ability for a system administrator to create a task template which is a grouping of tasks that a user can select to put on their timesheet. When the user selects a task template all tasks which are grouped within the template are added to their timesheet. This is used as a time-saver for new users so they do not have to select each task one by one when they haven't ever put any tasks in their timesheet. Note: This enhancement is in beta and is only turned on by request only. If you would like to try this enhancement out please email support.
Mobile iOS app
The iOS app has been released. A link follows allowing you to download the Timogix app to your mobile device.
Timogix mobile app download
PTO Report
The PTO report added a simple view to the report. The simple view only shows the most used PTO information about a user. The original report can still be seen by clicking the "Detail view" tab.
Timesheet printout
Two filters (project and task) were added to the timesheet printout which allows the user to filter down only the needed items wanted to be shown on the prinout. The printout is located on the timesheet page by clicking the Print tab, then click the "Simple timesheet" menu item.
Mobile android app
An android app was released allowing you to enter time on your android mobile device. In the coming months an Apple/IOS version will become available. A link follows allowing you to download the Timogix app to your mobile device.
Timogix mobile app download
Multi task create/update page
Normally tasks are updated on the task setup screen one at a time. But if you need to add a task or mutliple tasks to multiple projects at once you can use the new multi-task update screen which will save you some time. For more details visit the knowledge base here
Project column added to timesheet approval pages
A new column was added to the timesheet approval screen which allows you to see the projects associated with the timesheet without having to click into the timesheet. This gives you a quick way of seeing the projects associated with the timesheet. Note that the column is hidden by default. So to show the column on the grid, locate the "^" icon which shows to the right of the grid column headers. Click this and then click the "Columns" menu item, then check the "Project" checkbox which makes the project column visible.
Visual updates to PTO
The ability to choose to choose whether to show available PTO in hour or day format was added. Also the ability to choose how many decimal places will show was added. To adjust this company wide setting see the PTO tab in the settings area.
Multiple report enhancements
Multiple reports were enhanced.
Enhancements to the QuickBooks online integration
If you are using the online Quickbooks integration some enhancments were made. Because of the enhancements it will require you to re-connect to QuickBooks in the Timogix application. The changes are listed below.
Enhancements to external expenses
If you are using external expenses (expenses not part of the timesheet) this will apply to you. The enhancements are listed below.
Copy last weeks timesheet rows enhancement
When you are on a new timesheet an additional option has been added to allow you to copy last weeks rows that had hours into the current timesheet. There is a new link which will let you choose whether you want to copy all of last weeks rows into the timesheet (this is current functionality) or you can only copy timesheet rows that had hours in last weeks timesheet (new functionality).
Expense process status enhancement
The ability to only allow a custom process expense status to be editable if the expense is approved has been added. By default the custom process expense status can always be edited. But by enabling this setting it will make the custom process expense status only editable if the expense is approved. To access this new setting navigate to the following: Menu --> Settings --> Application Settings tab --> Expense Setup tab --> Expense Process Setup tab.
Ability to add your own login logo
You now have the ability to add your own login logo. This is displayed above the login page when a user uses your custom URL to access the login page. To set your login logo navigate to Setup --> Settings --> Display Settings tab --> Logo tab.
New 'Is Billable' column added to the Task report
An additional column was added to the task report which shows summarized hours. The Is Billable column will show on the report and on the excel export.
Changes to the external expense report
Changes were made to the external expense report as under certain conditions the text was being overlayed, making the report not easily readable.
QuickBooks contract enhancement
The ability to pull in contractor hours was added.
Changes to deleting of data
Now by default you will not be able to delete any clients, projects, or tasks if hours are logged under them. When a delete is requested the total hours will be displayed and you will be asked to archive the client, project or task if there are hours present.
Default new expense defaults
This enhancement allows new expenses to be defaulted initially to billable and/or reimbursable depending on your company preferences. These default settings are located in the expense setup area and are applied on the company level.
Client access enhancement
This enhancement gives non admin users the ability to manage client information if given the appropriate permission. In the user setup screen you can now choose which user can edit all clients or just selected clients or no clients.
Expense process status enhancement
An expense process status was added which gives the ability for you to set and adjust custom status's to your expenses. You can create and update custom status's which you can then set and report on. Note that this only applied if the external expenses setting is on. For more details visit the knowledge base here
Expense report enhanced for companies using external expenses
The external expense report was enhanced to show the expense hierarchy (expense and it's expense items), and to also show a flattened view of the data. In the report two tabs show one showing the hierarchical data and one showing the flattened view. And when you export the report to excel it will contain two excel worksheet tabs showing both hierarchical and flattened data. Note that this report is only available if you are configured to enter expenses external from the timesheet.
Enhancements to project hour totals report
The 'project hour totals' report was modified to allow the user to drill-down to see where all hours under a project came from including comments the user made on each day. To accomodate this a checkbox labeled 'Include Time Entry Details' was added. When this is checked the report will allow the user to drill-down under each project. And when exporting, the data is exported in two excel worksheet tabs. The first tab is the project summary totals, and the second tab is the time entries for each day.
Timesheet grouping enhancement
The ability to group timesheet rows by client and project has been added to give an easier way to view the timesheet. By default the timesheet does no grouping. To change the grouping a vertical ellipse icon was added, which when clicked will allow the user to change the grouping on the timesheet.
ODATA Infrastructure changes
The current Timogix API infrastructure has been updated for a future ODATA release. The ODATA release will expose certain data entities to allow 3rd party utilities to report on Timogix data such as PowerBI, etc.
Invoice multiple page fix
In certain scenarios the exported invoice PDF would not page break correctly. A fix was promoted to fix this issue.
External expenses releases
Expense Enhancements
Expense Enhancements
To get ready for a future expense enhancement several changes were made. This future release will allow expenses to be created and approved separate of the timesheet. It will also allow the user to group expenses into small expense groups such as "My business trip expenses to Omaha, etc.". When this enhancement is released there will be a company setting allowing you to determine which expense system you want to use for your business. So to get ready for this a few changes have been made.
Dashboards Switchover
All customers have been switched over to the new dashboards. If you have questions, or if you would like to revert to the old dashboards please contact support.
Two New Reports Added
To give an easier way to breakdown hours by client or project, two new reports were added called "Hour Totals By Client" and "Hour Totals By Project". These reports can be found in the reports page located at: User Hours Container --> User Hour Totals --> Hour Totals By Client tab or Hour Totals by Project tab.
The "My Approved Timesheets" and "My Unapproved Timesheets" tabs were removed
The "My Approved Timesheets" and "My Unapproved Timesheets" tabs were removed due to the new dashboards supply this information. If you feel you need these tabs then contact support as these can be selectively turned on.
Changes to Dashboards
The dashboards have been modified to give a better view of hours by month and status's of you and your users. These dashboards are selectively being released. For more details visit the blog here. If you have questions, or if you are not on the current dashboards and want to be or would like to revert to the old dashboards please contact support.
Timesheet Hours Report Changes
Expense Enhancements
Changes to how expenses that have a unit type are shown were changed to make it more user friendly. Now when an expense is entered with a unit type such as mileage the calculated total is shown below the input. Also when reviewing expenses for approval the calculation is shown.
User and Client Grids
Additional functionality was added to the user and client grids. The additional functionality allows filtering to be on more than one column. Also the ability to hide and show columns were added.
Default search criteria for invoices
The default for the invoice search grid was changed from 2 months in the past to 6 months in the past.
Daily Enter Your Time Reminders
Email Reminder Verbiage Changes
To prepare for a future release which allows you to customize email notifications, some email notification verbiage changes were made. The changes you will notice is where the word "Timogix" was used in the email. In most cases the verbiage changed from "Timogix Notification" to "Timesheet Notification".
Multiple PTO Enhancements
Multiple Report Enhancements
Timer Enhancement
From many customer requests, timers are now part of Timogix. This gives the ability to start and stop time on a task. Note if you are an existing customer then you will need to turn this feature on.
For more information see the below link.
How to start a timer
Two New Task Assignment Reports
To give administrators a quick way to see what tasks a user can log time against two new reports were created. When clicking the Task Assignment report it will show two tabs. The first tab is a report showing tasks a user can log time against. The second tab shows users assigned to a task.
Project Task Budgeting
The menu for the Project Task Budget and Task Forecast Graph has been consolidated into one report menu item called Project Task Budgeting. Both reports are still available and are housed in two tabs.
Project Grid Total
A new column called Actual Hours was added to the project grid. This column is a total of all hours under this project.
PTO Detail Report
An additional PTO report was created which shows all PTO entries for a user. This report is now grouped in a tab container with the existing PTO report. The report can be found by clicking the User PTO link in the reports menu.
Multiple Country Date Format Enhancement - (Full-Release)
Adding the ability to set your date format by company. A future enhancement will allow this by user. This was in pre-release but is now fully released for all customers. To see how to change date formats click the below link.
How to change date formats
Timesheet Status Report
A new checkbox was added that allows the report to hide or show archived users. By default the report will not show archived users.
User Permission Changes
When an administrator permission is added to a user then the user/client manager permission will also be added to this users permission.
User Report Changes
User Report Changes
Multiple Country Date Format Enhancement - (Pre-Release)
Adding the ability to set your date format by company. A future enhancement will allow this by user. Note that this is a pre-release version so it will not be released to all companies. If you would like to have this enabled during the pre-release for your company, send an email to support.
Expense report for non admin users
Added an expense report for users that do not have the "User and Client Management" permission. This report shows expenses for the user or users this user can approve.
Project Task Budgeting Enhancement
The ability to to estimate the number of hours for a task to be completed. This enhancement has the following changes:
1. A new budgeting tab added to the task setup screen allowing the input of task estimates.
2. The task setup grid now has two extra columns showing estimated hours and actual hours.
3. New budget estimate report showing budget vs actuals by project/project task.
4. New budget graph report showing the actual accumulated hours over time by months or weeks.
For more info see the help desk link below.
Task forecast budgeting
Approver Override Timesheet Enhancement
Gives the ability for an approver to view/edit/submit timesheets for users they can approve for. This setting needs to be turned on in the settings area.
For more info see the help desk link below.
Approve time for my employees
Infrastructure Changes for Multiple Date Formats
A future update will allow for date formats to be changed. Part of the infrastructure for this is in place and will be used in an upcoming release.
Data Import Process Enhancement
The ability to import client, projects, and users was added. The import process accepts csv files. To import data navigate to Setup --> Settings --> Import Data Tab
Timesheet Hours Report Enhancement
1. Search criteria for client, project, task and department was added.
2. Display option added which allows the report to be flattened. This allows you to view the report without a summary total by user.
PTO Accrual Enhancement
The ability to track PTO (paid time off) and accruals have been added. A new benefit tab has been added which will allow a user administrator to setup PTO for a user. Another new benefit tab is located in the my settings area which allows the user to see the current benefits and PTO balances. A new PTO report was added for user to see their balance and balances of any users they can approve.
For more info see the help desk link below.
PTO Tracking and Accrual
Infrastructure Changes for Future Enhancements
Behind the scenes changes were made that will enable two types of enhancements to Timogix. The first enhancement is vacation/PTO tracking. This will allow you to setup your vacation rules and the system will track vacation usage and how many days a user has of vacation or accrued. The second enhancement is single sign-on using your Google account. This will allow you to use your Google account to sign-on to Timogix instead of having to input your username and password. Both of these enhancements are in beta so they are not available yet. But look for them in the near future.
Report Performance
The user reports were updated to improve performance.
Security Changes
The client management tab was removed from the user setup screen for new companies.
This section is now controlled in the user setup screen under permissions. The change to the user setup screen is the client management tab is now hidden.
Why was this removed?
To remove complexity. Basically we want the security to be as simple as possible so the learning curve is low. By hiding this section we reduce complexity/learning curve but do remove some functionality. So there is pros and cons.
Is there a downside?
The ability to have a client manager is removed. A client manager was someone who could add and edit specific clients, but this user had no access to users. Now the user setup and client setup is combined into one permission. So this granularity to allow a client manager to have this access is removed.
Can I have this feature added to my company?
Absolutely. By default this is turned off. Send an email to support and we can turn this feature on for your company.
For more info see the help desk links below.
Auditing Enhancement
Extra audit logging has been added which tracks changes made in the Timogix system.
The extra logging is useful for companies with government contracts that need to be DCAA compliant. A separate audit report was added which gives administrators the ability to view changes filtered by date.
Expense Enhancement
Enabled the ability to add expenses to your timesheet. The expenses can be also be viewed in the new expense report.
To turn expenses on go to Setup --> Settings --> General Defaults --> Check the "Allow expenses to be created" checkbox.
Industry Verbiage Enhancement
Different companies and industries use different terms when referring to work or services. An example is a business may use the term "Account" instead of "Client".
By default Timogix uses Client, Project, and Task. This enhancement allows the company to adjust these verbiages to there terms. The setup screen to adjust the terms is located at Setup --> Settings --> Display Settings --> Business Verbiage
Invoice by Projects Enhancement
Now when creating an invoice you can choose which project inside the client that time entries should be pulled from.
Cost versus Billable Report Added
A new report was added which shows the differences between what you charge the client versus what you paid the employee/contractor. Thus giving you a profitability view.
Timesheet Weekly Printout Added
A new timesheet printout for users has been added. It is a weekly report which represents a very similar view to what the actual timesheet shows. This printout can be located by clicking the Timesheet menu, then click the Print tab and select Weekly Printout.
Original Timesheet Printout Enhancements
1. The original timesheet printout has been renamed to Simple Printout.
2. The printout now optionally allows the user to include daily comments on the printout. This printout can be located by clicking the Timesheet menu, then click the Print tab and select Simple Printout.
Invoice User Comments Enhancement
The invoice now optionally allows user comments to display on the invoice.
Timesheet User Printout Report
Added a new report that allows user administrators the ability view and print a timesheet of any user who has time entry access. This report is located in the reports page under Timesheet Management.
Mobile Enhanced Timesheet
Allow users with mobile devices to view a mobile friendly timesheet. For details see the help center link here.
Multiple Default Project Task Enhancement
There were two changes to how tasks automatically get created when a new project is created. First instead of limiting the user to seven default project tasks, it is now unlimited. Second default project task codes were added along with the existing task name.
Timesheet Printout
Add the ability to select all clients instead of limiting the user to only one client per printout.
Making Approvals Easier
When viewing a timesheet in the approval screen you can approve timesheets there instead of going back to the grid.
Timesheet Grouping
In the approval screen you can now group timesheets together into one group and approve as a group.
Mobile Friendly Timesheet Released in Beta
A mobile ready timesheet has been created. It is currently in Beta so this functionality is only turned on for certain beta clients for their testing. If you would like to use the Beta mobile timesheet, let us know and we will turn this on as feedback is appreciated.
Admin Override Timesheet Enhancement
Allows an admin user to save and submit a timesheet for approval on another users timesheet. When this occurs as with other saves to timesheets this audit gets shown in the audit grid. To turn this feature on go to Settings --> Defaults. Then check the box to allow admin users to override timesheets.
Timesheet Auditing Enhancement
Additional auditing feeds was added to the dashboard, timesheet and approval screens. The auditing lets the user see who saved, approved, rejected, and re-opened a timesheet. The auditing that is shown is more user friendly to the user when compared to the original auditing on the dashboard. The viewable data for the this new auditing is only available for time entries modified after 08/27/2016.
Bug Fixes
When performing a certain sequence of changes in the approval popup, this would cause the users timesheet client totals (bottom of the screen) to not change when moving between timesheets by date. Once a page refresh was done it would show the totals normally.