Time Tracking Software

Advanced but simple time tracking.

Simple time entry

Straight forward time tracking. Easy to enter, easy to submit, and easy to approve. Whether you are one user or 100 users the straight forward design makes entering time or expenses easy to understand. Try the demo and see for yourself!

Timesheet Approval

This functionality is one of the top reasons many customers use Timogix. When a user submits a timesheet you can approve or reject their timesheet. Based on your business process, you define who has the privilege to approve timesheets by user or client or both. Because you define who approves time this gives the ability to have approvers inside or outside your organization access to approve time. Many consulting companies use this due to consultants may require approval of time from a manager that is not part of your company.


Enter time at the office or on a mobile device. Entries can be made for billable or non-billable time. You define the projects and tasks which will give you the ability to drill-down for reporting of time.

online timesheet

Start entering time now. Try it out for free. No credit card required.