Timesheet Notifications

Advanced but simple time tracking.

Timesheet Status Changes Notification

When a timesheet status changes for your timesheet or for someone you can approve, you can subscribe to receive notifications of these events. You can determine which event is of interest to you. The events are when a timesheet status changes to submited, approved, rejected, or re-opened.

Submit Your Timesheet Reminder

Do you or any of your employees forget to submit their timesheet. If so, you can subscribe to a weekly event that will send you an email reminding you to submit your timesheet. You choose the day and time to receive the reminder.

Approve Timesheet Reminder

If you are an approver you can subscribe to a this notification to remind you to approve any submitted timesheets. If you subscribe to this notification and there are no timesheets to be approved then the reminder will not be sent out. See the Timogix Knowledge Base for more information.

subscribing to timesheet notifications

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