Enable or Disable Tasks by Date or Day of the Week

More finely tuned task statuses were added in the latest release. This gives an administrator greater control of what days a user can add hours to a task on their timesheet.

In this release two enhancements to the task were added. First was adding a start and end date to the task. The date a user is adding time to their timesheet must fall within these dates otherwise the task will be disabled on the user's timesheet. The second enhancement was to enable or disable certain days on a timesheet based upon the day of the week. An example is you have a task that should only have time logged during the week and not on the weekend. In this scenario the administrator can select that this task only have weekday dates enabled.

The screenshot below shows the task setup screen and where we can enter a start and end date of the task. Then the administrator also disabled the weekend so only weekdays are enabled on the user's timesheet.

The last images is the user's timesheet showing the disabled dates.

Notice how the timesheet only allows weekdays to be entered.

If you have ideas on how to make the system better please see us at www.timogix.com or send an email to support@timogix.com

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